Special Needs & Special Abilities

Some children require additional help or extension work. The school leadership team and our Special Needs Teacher co-ordinates programmes for these children. We have experience with assisting children through a wide range of programmes. These include:
  • Reading Recovery
  • Literacy Interventions
  • Short term support programmes in Literacy & Numeracy
  • English for speakers of other language (ESOL) programmes
  • Monitoring and supporting children with behavioural problems
  • Monitoring and supporting for children who are often absent from school without a good reason
We also cater for children’s needs by offering extension and enrichment programmes. We employ specialised staff to provide these programmes.

Gifted & Talented

A gifted and talented programme is available to students at school. 
It involves
  • Attending various events
  • Completing and competing in competitions
  • Working to an accelerated curriculum
  • Specialist groups such as extension writing groups

Speech Therapist

Speech Therapist
Our school is served by  Speech and Language Therapists, who we refer to through the Ministry of Education.