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Staff 2017


We have a diverse team of staff members who bring a wide range of experiences and backgrounds to our school.  This includes those who are recently trained and new to education, as well as those who have been part of Linwood Avenue for ten years or more.

This mix of backgrounds and experience helps us to draw on various perspectives when reaching decisions and developing our schools learning programmes.  Like in all successful schools, teamwork is an essential part of what we do to meet the needs of our children.

Principal:  Blair Dravitski

Deputy Principal (1st):   Trevor Proctor 
Deputy Principal (2nd):  Jo Mauger
Room 1 -  Y1:    Jo Mauger / Katrina Bunn
Room 2 -  Y0/1: Rachel McLaughlin         
Room 3 - Y1/2:  Ali Law            
Room 4 - Y1/2:  Stacey Nicholson
Room 5 - Y1/2:  Fiona Barnes / Kerrie Hale
Room 6 - Y0/1:  Jill Morris 
Room 7 - Y0/1:  Hannah Young
Room 8 - Special Needs: Irene Cronan  
Room 9 - Y0/1:  Hilary St John 
Room 10/11 - Y5/6:  Colin Hill / Victoria Brookland
Room 12/13 - Y5/6:  Jane Thomson / Keryn Rose
Room 14 - Y3/4:  
Andrea Katsipis
Room 15 - Y3/4:  
Karen Ryder
Room 16 - Y3/4:  Kristine Telea 
Room 17 - Y3/4:  
Grace Shearer

English Language Learning:            Emily Cummings 
Release teachers:                            Janice Parker, Jo Rodwell                   
Social Worker:                                  Anna Pope      
Pacific Island Language & Culture:  Aneta Matagi
Te Whitinga Language & Culture:    Sherrilee Herangi Harrison         
Reading Support:                             Annette Woodford 

Office Manager:                               Liz Jensen 
Finance & Administration Support:  Rachel McGarvey 
School Caretaker:                            Peter Ryan    

Teacher Aides: Lorraine Sutton, Karen Glasson, Wendy Day,
                         Glenis Youngman, Paula Anderson,
                         Leanne Woodham, Carolynne Som,
                         Michelle Finlayson, Jacque Feran,
                         Teresa Correia, Kelly Taylor


After School Programme (Youthtown) Supervisor: Rebecca